Bar Menu

beef crackling, seven spiced salt, sour onion hummus$9
local olives, fel fel$8
hummus, stewed onions. chickpeas, celery, served with turkish rolls$10
chemen cured swordfish, kewpie mayo, preserved lemon and shallot$16
Guita's lamb kibbeh
Guitas ricotta and haloumi sambousek

Local scallops, onions, garlic, preserved lemon$6.5 EACH
turkish red lentil dumplings, carrot yoghurt, sweet peas, sumac, mint$18
chicken and saffron tagine, iranian figs, lebanese cous cous, coriander$16
12 hour roasted lamb shoulder, smashed pickled radish and harissa, served with aged persian rice$28
heirloom zucchini, garlic, sujuk, st david's yoghurt$18