Vegan & Vegetarian

local olives, fel fel
hummus, stewed onions, chickpeas, celery
pickled heirloom tomatoes, basil, rice cracker
sweet potato borek
arak pickled cucumber, fennel, olive powder
fried haloumi, fennel, pinenuts
pomegranate glazed eggplant, sesame, smoked yoghurt
summer beans, tahini, garlic
turkish red lentil dumplings, carrot yoghurt, sweet peas, sumac, mint
roast carrots, dates, macadamias, baharat
char grilled broccolini, harissa, macadamia

all vegetarian dishes can also be produced as vegan dishes.
ours chefs will select a balanced variety of the following dishes based on your menu choice
please let our team know if you would like to include or omit any specific dish.
Dishes are subject to change without notice.