10 Years Strong: Maha Renovations

27 March, 2018

Continual refinement, real hospitality and experiential journeys are the foundations that Maha has been built on. In celebration of our 10th birthday and the limitless dreams we have for the future, we have evolved in every way.

Our dining space has been updated to reflect who we are and what we represent—the luxury, opulence and mystique of the Middle East, reimagined with an unrestricted Melbourne soul. We have collaborated with renowned artists Adnate and Caleb Walmsley, interior designer Technē and craftsman Ross Didier to deliver a timeless rendition of what a dining room should be. A 2000-bottle wine cellar has been added, along with new floral installations, plush furnishings and signature scents that perfume the room.

The heart of Maha has always been our kitchen. Our belief is that positive, inspiring environments are crucial for excellence. Embracing this belief, we have undergone a major kitchen redevelopment to nurture the creativity of our chefs and encourage excellence in every area. Industry leading kitchen designer Chris Love has created a kitchen that is not just functional, but embodies all of our ideologies in an inspiring and beautiful manner.

No longer the new kid on the block, Maha in its 10th year is daring to dream. Whilst being confident, classic and cultured, Maha in 2018 is still cheeky enough to remind you of our past and entice you with the excitement and energy of what the future will be.


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