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Maltese Independence Day

9 September, 2019

Shane’s Maltese ancestry has been one of his biggest inspirations, both in and out of the kitchen. So for the Delia family, Maltese Independence …

10 Years Strong: Maha Renovations

27 March, 2018

Continual refinement, real hospitality and experiential journeys are the foundations that Maha has been built on. In celebration of our 10th birthday and the …

Technè Architecture + Interior Design


1 November, 2016

Technè Architecture + Interior Design are the creative force behind Maha’s new interior ambiance. Our fresh, new and strikingly modern look is all thanks to …

Confetti Studio

Confetti Studio

1 August, 2016

The Maha logo, created for us by Confetti Studio, has deep roots in Arabic script. The logo is inspired by the way letterforms were …

Iranian Girl by Matt Adnate


8 July, 2016

Our beautiful ‘Iranian Girl’ by Matt Adnate is an iconic image at Maha. Made using aerosol and acrylic on marine grade ply, this lovely …

Melbourne Artist Mayonaize


6 June, 2016

The unique calligraphy script style of lettering that embellishes the walls of Maha is the work of Melbourne Artist Mayonaize. These beautiful works help …