Confetti Studio

1 August, 2016

Confetti Studio

The Maha logo, created for us by Confetti Studio, has deep roots in Arabic script. The logo is inspired by the way letterforms were used, most notably in the Quran, to depict objects, animals and scenes. The magnificent sweeping curves and masterfully controlled line work are the perfect metaphor for the way Shane approaches the dishes served at Maha.

Strokes from the logo have been taken to create an infinitely repeating pattern, which has been used across all of our printed collateral, glassware, uniforms, signage and packaging.

Confetti, founded by Kevin McDowell and Tom Shanahan in 2012, is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary design studio. Confetti create a wide range of creative assets, including brand identities, websites, bespoke display typefaces, posters, album artwork, product packaging, video and motion graphics, mobile applications, user experience, installations, sound design and live art.

Latest News

Dan Hong Guest Chef

Dan Hong takes over the Maha kitchen

26 Sep 18

In partnership with luxury watch and jewellery retailer Kennedy, last May we welcomed Barossa Valley chef Lachlan Colwill of Hentley Farm into the Maha kitchen. ...