Dan Hong takes over the Maha kitchen

26 September, 2018

Dan Hong Guest Chef

In partnership with luxury watch and jewellery retailer Kennedy, last May we welcomed Barossa Valley chef Lachlan Colwill of Hentley Farm into the Maha kitchen. Then in July, Paul Carmichael of Momofuku Seiōbo gave us a taste of his renowned Caribbean-style fare. Next up in our Unrestricted guest chef series, Sydney-based chef Dan Hong treated us to the best of his restaurant’s Mr. Wong and Ms. G’s.

Known for his creative, fresh approach to Asian cuisine, Dan developed his skills at an amazing list of restaurants, including Longrain, Marque, Bentley, Tetsuya’s and WD-50. He has also appeared on cooking shows such as MasterChef, #Shelfie and The Chef’s Line. Currently, Dan works as Executive Chef at Merivale Group, where his fusion banquets bring in thousands of people a week.

With a 4 course dinner menu, comprising of 11 delicious dishes, guests on the night had the opportunity to indulge in items such as cheeseburger spring rolls with caviar, ‘strange flavour’ prawn dumplings and Mr. Wong’s mapo tofu. Premium matching wines were also available to complete the experience.

As creators of ‘Moments in Time’, Kennedy also asked Dan to create an exclusive dish to mark the occasion. The dish Dan chose for this was lemongrass steak tartare served on a betel leaf.

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