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Available from 6pm until late


local olives poached in olive oil and fel fel$8
beef 'kibbeh neya' tarragon, pickled shiitake, beef crackling$4 each
baharat tempura vine leaves, trout hummus
w.a pemberton truffle upgrade
$6 each
butter roasted chickpeas, aleppo pepper, almonds, corriander$10
smoked hummus, spiced lamb, chickpeas, almonds, parsley, served with turkish rolls$12
orange and saffron pickled sardines, fennel, carrots and corriander$12
sweet potato, kale and haloumi borek$12 (3 per serve)
chemen cured swordfish, kewpie mayo, preserved lemon, aleppo pepper$16 (3 per serve)
lamb shoulder 'shawarma' hummus, pickles, garlic yoghurt$16
turkish red lentil dumplings, pickled carrots, almonds, sumac, mint$20
mograbieh of gippsland rabbit, smoked eggplant, grains and pomegranate$26
12 hour roasted lamb shoulder, cumin, garlic, onion and winter tarragon, served with cracked wheat pilaf$35