1 November, 2016

Technè Architecture + Interior Design

Technè Architecture + Interior Design are the creative force behind Maha’s new interior ambiance. Our fresh, new and strikingly modern look is all thanks to them.

Technè is a dynamic and experienced commercial practice lead by two directors, Nicholas Travers and Justin Northrop, who are passionate about architecture. Founded in 2002, Technè has quickly built an impressive portfolio across a broad section of project types including: hospitality, single and multi-residential, commercial, automotive and retail.

Sustainability is innate to good design and Technè focuses on minimising energy use during and after construction, Maha’s new look is no exception. Our new look was met with a responsible management of resource use, ensuring the selection of appropriate building material during construction and energy expenditure is a consistent design mandate.

Technè’s vision, scale and professionalism have made an indelible print on Melbourne. Its commitment to thoughtful creativity delivers remarkable results.

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